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AAC mould,Steam-curing cart
Mould is one main ancillary equipment in the production of aerated concrete. The casting machine pours the well-proportioned and mixed materials into the mould, then the body foams and hardens. The body can be cut after it is released from mould frame.
AAC hoist
Hoist is one of the main ancillary equipments in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete. Hoist lifts the body, which has been released from mould frame, and puts it on the overturn table. Then the body can be cut.
Casting machine
Aerated concrete casting machine is the main equipment in the production of aerated concrete, and is mainly applicable for mixing the slurry, cement, quicklime, gypsum, and liquid of aluminum paste which are poured into tank in accordance with certain proportion, to make them well-proportioned and reacted with each other adequately. Then it pours the mixed slurry into mould frame in due course.
Atoclave is the key equipment in the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved brick. Our autoclave is a principle and cylindrical device made of steel, and has the advantages of good quality and reliable performance
Cutting machine
Cutting machine is the main equipment in the production of aerated concrete with annual output of more than 50,000m3, and the key equipment. It's absolutely necessary for promoting the output and quality. JQF cutting machine series, which our factory produces, can accomplish six-side cutting in one step. Because of its advanced technology, there is no need for secondary crane, which reduces the abrasion of body blank arising from multiple cranes. Therefore, the products are very marketable across the country, and are well accepted by the customers. Through constant technical reformation, our factory has developed aerated concrete cutting machine of various types.
Autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) Production Line
Production and application of aerated concrete has a history more than 40 years in China. Viewing from technology point, high quality products can use 3mm special sand slurry technology to meet the construction requests and 50% energy saving goals. (When mortar joint is less than 3mm, take thermal conductivity coefficient of wall as 1; when mortar joint is more than 3mm, take thermal conductivity coefficient of wall as 1.5). Based on the history of the aerated concrete development, only high quality products can bring a prosperous market. Thus, the technology orientation of this scheme is high-class products according to China Standard GB11968-2006.
Autoclaved aerated concrete Technology
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) block and panel have become the main building materials in construction industry. AAC techonogy has developed over 90 years, and China has introduced this technology before 40 years, our technology has reached the advanced level of Aerated Concrete (AAC) machine industry. The aerated concrete (i.e. aeroconcrete) is characterized by the advantages of light weight, heat preservation, sound isolation, high strength, processable property and so on,
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