LanJi dressing jaw crusher six big advantage

LanJi machinery has been research and development and the production base crusher, LanJi continuously by the high new technology, superb skills to provide high quality, high standard, high professional crushing equipment and after-sale protection. LanJi prospecting jaw crusher has the following six big advantage:

A broken jaw, LanJi higher reliability

Jaw crusher solid frame can withstand the most severe work. In addition, lateral plate steel, high manganese steel, a dynamic hubei board, buccal board, heavy partiality axis and four of the same specification large bearings, has the extraordinary durable type and reliable type.
Second, broken performance is better
Jaw crusher best broken is broken, high performance than passing rate high, adapt to the DuoZhong feeding conditions. Many excellent broken performance: higher speed of the broken, the perfect dynamics design (big stroke, small meshing Angle), make the material DuoCi get broken, so as to increase the broken performance. Rather than blocking the design of the norm of the board has greatly improved the jaw crusher by ability.
The best performance due to its perfect broken dynamic design. Jaw crusher and fracture process begins in the top of the crushing cavity and discharging mouth set to the minimum, can make more crushing ratio. And the Angle steep lining board design makes the crushing cavity in the bottom stroke more big, and through the ability more.

Three, discharging mouth adjust quickly
Jaw crusher discharging quick adjustment and mouth, can meet the needs of different crushing process, without having to add and subtract gaskets, only through the mechanical adjustment can be realized.
Four, easy maintenance
In order to increase the crusher of adaptability, equipment maintenance simple and quick as possible, and lining board fixed technology makes tighten and lining board turn more easily, the earth will increase the length of the lining board of hubei, is the best proof.
Easy to install modular design fully guarantee the jaw crusher of easy installation convenient. Because the electrical machinery and crusher one installation, jaw crusher installation need more little space, can be in harsh conditions or underground work, different Angle and height of environment all can be the foundation. The precise balance design makes the broken higher speed, without its extremities bolt, the installation more forthright. In addition, jaw crusher balance design reduces the triangle leather belt and support's stress, reduce the cost of installation.
Five, broken more economy
Jaw crusher the delicate balance of design and discharging mouth adjust quickly and so on characteristics, ensure the best economy broken homework sex and low cost of operation. And wider alternatives to further improve the performance of the broken. Based on the user's specific requirements, options include: pulley, flywheel safety cover, the remote control hydraulic adjustment system.
Six, hubei broken wide application
Whether to crush hard rock and recycling materials, HeLuanShi or all kinds of ores, jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. Henan LanJi machinery manufacture Co., LTD (//www.hnljzg.com) specializing in the production of cement production equipment, the sand machine, cement ball mill, super pulverizer, small ball mill in accordance with international quality authentication institutions authentication products, the products are sold to all over the world!
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