Sep LanJi dressing made sand production line common fault and maintenance

The sand production line usually by vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, the sand machine (the third create sand machine or finely machine), vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, focus on electronic equipment composition. Finely machine as the sand main equipment of production line, to the system of sand production has important effect, finely machine problems will seriously affect the sand production, influence the construction period, affect delivery, affecting profit, so the common faults of finely machine we should be well know fairly well, complete scheduled maintenance and maintenance.
The LanJi give you said the henan province of sand machine common fault extremely processing method.
How to deal with the abnormal vibration produce finely machine.
May: plate hammer lose balance method: according to the requirement to supply plate hammer;
May 2: plate hammer bending lose balance processing methods: stop changing plate hammer;
May 3: bearing damage processing methods: to stop changing bearing;
May 4: feeding don't even processing methods: to adjust the feeding, even to the material.
How to deal with finely machine bearing temperature was too high.
May: rolling bearing damage processing methods: to replace the rolling bearing;
May 2: lubricating oil dirt processing methods: cleaning bearing, oil changing;
May 3: lubricating oil shortage or excessive processing methods: adjustment of oil.
How to deal with finely machine crushing cavity occurred within the continuous the knock.
May: not easy and broken things into the machines processing methods: parking removal;
May 2: lining board, become loose, plate hammer blow in the lining board processing methods: to tighten bolts nuts;
May 3: plate hammer, fracture processing method article labyrinth: want to change in time plate hammer and liners.
Finely machine the grain-size increased handling.
May: a crackdown on board, the article labyrinth and plate hammer large clearance processing methods: new adjustment to the gap;
May 2: plate hammer, excessive wear treatment article labyrinth: want to change in time new article labyrinth, will turn hammer.
The output of finely machine dropped significantly, electric current of how to deal with more than ratings.
May: feeding don't even processing methods: to adjust the feeding;
May 2: material too high processing method of water: by paste seam, should reduce material moisture value;
May 3: labyrinth clearance processing methods article jam: remove the article labyrinth stop blocking material;
May 4: too small article labyrinth clearance processing methods: adjust in time article labyrinth clearance.
At the same time, in order to make sure that our finely machine not appeared above, henan LanJi suggest you do the work. Regular stop open door machine system finely observed observation sand machine internal wear, the center into the feed tube, cone hats, impeller, under flow line board, circumferential guard board, wear-resisting piece of wear degree, after wearing should change in time or repair, replacement of wear-resisting should be replaced, ensure wear-resisting piece of similar in weight. It is strictly prohibited to work in the process of sand machine open door window observation internal workings, lest produce risk. Find impeller body wear change in time to find manufacturers mended; Henan LanJi finely machine adopts the mobil car grease super or # 3, lithium fat, each work 400 hours join the amount of grease, work 2000 hours of bearing spindle assembly open for cleaning, general work 7200 hours, replace new bearing. Spindle assembly for the top bearing swimming, bearing is below the fixed end, the assembly to throw the pulley by hand should be flexible rotation; In the operation of finely machine, because this equipment belong to the equipment, should pay special attention to the safety in production. Relevant personnel should be far away from equipment, if need to tinker on should after downtime; Drive triangle tape taut force size should be adjusted proper, in order to ensure that the triangle tape stress even, double motor drive, both sides should be grouped matching triangle tape, and its every leader degrees as agreement. Should adjust make two motor current difference value is not more than 15 years.

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