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Flotation machine
Floatation machine is applicable for separating nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, noble metal, nonmetallic mine, chemical material and recycle mine. it include coarse separation, swept separation, fine separation and flotation, so the useful ore are reclaimed.Mechanical agitation type flotation machine is divided into XJ type (A type), SF type, type JJF etc.XJ-type flotation machine (A type) belonging to the air impeller with radiation, self-priming slurry flotation machine. Currently widely used SF flotation machine, XJ-type flotation machine than inspiratory capacity, energy consumption, impeller and wear plate light and so on. JJF flotation machine available at the lower part of the slurry tank form a cycle, than the XJ-type flotation machine with low energy consumption, less wear, easy to automatic control. SJ-type general and JJF flotation machine to form a coalition unit.
Permanent magnetic drum separator
CT Permanent magnetic drum separator surface magnetic field intensity is much more than the average permanent magnetic separators, easy for operation management and maintenance, in all kinds of mineral processing site using has remarkable energy saving performance. And LanJi CT permanent magnetic drum separator machine is suitable for the following magnetite, magnetic pyrite mine, baking, titanium iron ore material such as wet magnetic separation whose size is less-than 3 mm, also used in coal, non-metallic mining, building materials material and so on.
Rod mill
Rod mill is known as the grinding medium in the cylinder body is steel bar,rod mill is generally use the wet overflow type and can be widely used as the first level open grinding in artificial sandstone,beneficiation, chemical industry . The product size characteristics of rod mill is related to crushing ,In the grinding process ,it first crush the coarse grain, and then grind the smaller ore,reducing the risk of overgrind.
Using jigger for mineral ores is one of the gravity selecting methods. It belongs to the deep groove separation. It use water as media and make use of different proportion to selection different metals. Most of the Jigger belongs to the diaphragm type. The jigger is widely used in gravity of selecting for the tungsten, tin, gold, hematite, manganese, titanium, antimony, lead, tantalum and niobium.The jigger has the following advantages, such as: a wide range of selecting sizes, highcapacity, small standing area, high productivity and features of easy to operate and maintenance.
Flotation separating process
Application:Copper ore, Zinc Ore, Lead ore, Nickel ore, Gold ore, ferrous metals and Non-ferrous metals
Magnetic separating process
Application: Iron Ore,Tin,Chromium,Manganese,Niobium and tantalum,Rare earth,Industrial minerals,Heavy mineral sands,Garnet,Phosphate,Heavy media separation,Recycling
Electromagnetic vibrating feeder
GZ Series electromagnetic vibrating feeder mainly used for mining , metallurgical , chemical , coal , machinery and other industries , could feed the block ,grain , and powder materials evenly and continuously in to the accepting machine . Being diversification , this series of produts can be specially designed and produced according to the customers'need . Furthermore , all types of electromagnetic vibration feeder , can be easily implemented manual or automatic control .
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